Our Club Secure Rewards Members get access to earning the best rewards whilst traveling.

Whether you are new to Secure Park Hobby, or a frequent parker, start earning one free day of parking for every $50 spent in parking sessions per month.

Earn 1 FREE day for every $50 spent per month! 

Reward Details: At the end of each month your total spend will be calculated based off of your parking session end dates and added to your account within 7 days from the last day of the month.  See example here

Start earning free days with Club Secure!

Amount Spent per Month Parking Reward
$50-$991 future free day
$100-$1492 future free days
$150-$1993 future free days
$200-$2494 future free days + 1 FREE car wash
$250-$2995 future free days + 1 FREE car wash
$300 + 6 future free days +  1 FREE car wash

Club Secure Benefits

Free to joinNo cost, just rewards! 
Go paperlessScan your QR code on the Parking HONKMobile App at entry and
exit, park, and leave like a boss! 
Re-up your parking session right
from your desktop or mobile
device if your travel plans last
longer than expected. Plus,  find allof your paperless receipts within
your account.
Exclusive Club offers & dealsSpecial discounts on parking and
car washes will be sent to your email inbox. 
No airport or reservations feesReservation fees are always waived for Club Secure loyal members.
App integratedLogin to your account through the HONKMobile app to manage your account information & parking sessions from anywhere in the world! 
Save moneyThe more you book, the more you save! Earn free days through Club Secure for every $50 spent on a month to month basis. Book parking

Terms & Conditions:  Your total amount spent renews on the 1st of every month and does not rollover to the next month. Free days are rewarded based on your total month spend. Amount does not roll over month to month. Rewards are automatically applied to your account within 7 days after each  month.  

*1 free day is the standard parking value of $8.72.  Can be applied toward premium parking. Premium valet parking is sold at a higher value of $15.00/day.  

Example: Amount spent for parking session dates ending in the month of September (3/1-3/30) = $120. Two free days will be rewarded and applied to your account between April 1st-7th.   If the full discount amount is not used in one transaction the credit will remain on the account for you next purchase.